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Are you complying with RoHS2 Directive 2011/65/ EU Declaration of Conformity ?

“Are your chrome products produced using a Trivalent Chrome?”

From 21st September 2017 following a New European Directive Hexavalent  Decorative Chrome cannot be supplied without a license from The European Chemicals Agency(ECHA).

Under “COSHH” Regulations a “Trivalent Chrome” is the only choice.

Don’t be left with the problem, we at Nottingham Platers have been producing Trivalent Chrome since January 1999. It looks the same but is a better product & is safer for the operatives & the environment.



A warm welcome to the website of Nottingham Platers Ltd the home of good chrome. Our site is different, no customer product pictures as we only supply the quality decorative finish in Chrome, Nickel, Nisheentm, Nilinetm, Nipearltm, Spartextm and Satin. Click on the headlines to learn about us, our finishes and our environment. Our helpful design booklet will help you learn a little about decorative chromium plating and how to make and prepare your product for plating.

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